The way you think about yourself is important

We all have our own ‘thing’.  I find in the salon that each and every person has their own ‘thing’ and I have found that lots of women have a ‘thing’ about unwanted hair.

Unwanted chin hair


We all think everyone is looking at it, we think it grows at an amazingly fast rate (like everyday!) and it positively drives us crazy.  If it is on the face we pluck it (carrying our tweezers and magnifying mirror everywhere) and if it is on the bikini we put up with ingrowns and sometimes scarring.  I’m hear to tell you that there is help and here are the benefits of VPL hair removal.

I bet you have some questions? So read our fact sheet and learn all about it.

If you are then determined to do something about your ‘thing’ give us a call 4454 3521 and we will fix the rest.