Everywhere we go these days everyone is talking about gut health.  But not everyone is thinking about the link between your gut health and radiant skin.  Well I am, and that is what led me to start studying nutritional skin science with a fabulous lady that I have known since studying beauty therapy more years ago than I care to remember.  This lady is incredible and is now is hot demand all over the world speaking about her passion – Gut health as being the missing link to optimal skin health

But let’s talk about you … do you feel you have gut health problems?  Do you have an anti-inflammatory diet rich in fibre to create an ideal environment for optimal gut barrier function?  Mmmmm or you have bowel problems, sleep problems and health problems which lead to skin problems!

So from a skin therapist point of view this is hugely important when helping a client achieve the outside skin that they desire.  The missing link when you are doing all the right things – great home care, great treatments, great healthy lifestyle etc etc is probably your gut health.

In helping my clients achieve great gut health I was led to a fabulous company The Beauty Chef and its founder Carla Oates.

For the past 15 years, she has been researching, writing and teaching about organic beauty and gut health.  Once she realised the power of the gut/skin connection she began experimenting with lacto-fermenting 24 superfoods that had powerful skin benefits and that’s how GLOW the first Beauty Chef inner beauty product was created.  Carla’s range of inner beauty products is a testiment to the bio-fermented organic food revolution.  

The full range of Carla Oates Beauty Chef products are available in the salon and online store.  The essential daily beauty blend GLOW, CLEANSE to improve congested skin and liver and digestive function, nutritious protein-rich superfood powder BODY, SLEEP for those having trouble sleeping and wanting to reduce stress and the three beauty boosts COLLAGEN, HYDRATION and ANTIOXIDANT elixirs.  All of The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty products are totally natural, highly nutritious, food-based supplements.

Start on the road to balanced gut health and radiant skin today!  Available at the salon or our online store Beauty For A Cause