Organic and natural skin care

Natural & Organic

Our natural and organic skin care products give you the results you need for a healthy glowing skin with no chemicals, perfumes, colours or additives our natural and organic skin care is also palm oil free and cruelty free.

Why choose natural and organic skin care?

By using natural and organic skin care products you don’t create free radicals that attack your body with more toxins.  By using products that nourish, protect and clean your skin with nutrients without causing irritation, dryness, acne, or any of the other serious problems associated with almost all commercial skin care products.

We only use organic and natural skin care products in the salon and for purchase at our on-line store Beauty For A Cause and they are chosen for not only their purity and effectiveness but also for their ethics.  It is important to choose products that not only do you no harm but also our beautiful animals and planet.

As a beauty therapist I see confused clients not really knowing what is right for their skin and this can not only causes problems it is also expensive. Our organic and natural skin care products will not only feel great they will be feeding your skin only the very best of ingredients.

The secret to beautiful skin is a consistent regime with the right products for YOU.   A suggested skin care regime for great skin …

In the morning first cleanse, then put on any serums you may be using then your moisturiser and lastly sunscreen.

In the night you again cleanse (twice if you have make up on), next your serums (including any Retinols) and lastly your moisturiser.

According to your age and needs exfoliation once to twice per week and the same with a masque.