A quick mini facial in the morning …

Everyone thinks that they just don’t have time to look after their skin, let alone have a mini facial in the morning.  When you are racing around busily getting ready for work or the kids off to school there just seems like no time.  Yes, we are all in a rush, no time for a mask and lay down with a wheat pack over our eyes and feet raised on a pillow …. ahh, dream on.  Life is busy and we just somehow have to fit things in around other things, I think you all know what I mean.

I know you want nourished, healthy looking skin that will give you that pep-up for the day so I thought I would share what works for me.

Lady in the shower

Cleanse your skin in the shower, this saves time and if you use a cleansing brush this can be in the shower with you.

If you use a granular exfoliation this can be done in the shower as well but if you use an enzyme exfoliant (softer for a sensitive skin) this can be put on as soon as you get out of the shower.  You can dry yourself, put on your body moisturisers quickly and go and do something else for ten minutes while the enzymes work on your skin, go back and rinse this off.

A quick application of a good hydration mask doesn’t take long and your skin will love you for it.  Again just go back to what needs to be done while the mask works its magic softening and soothing a thirsty skin. (This is the best bit!)  Try to leave it on for at least 10 minutes.

Back to the bathroom (you are nearly finished) quickly wash it off, towel pat dry and apply your serums and moisturiser.

Your skin is now feeling fabulous and you are ready for the day, hopefully promising yourself to do this at least once per week.