Lose a Dress Size in just over an Hour

With our … Slimming and Inch Loss Body Wraps

Are you sick of those stubbon areas that just seem to keep getting bigger no matter what you do to keep them off?  Our Inch Loss Body Wraps guarantee you a reduction of a minimum of 15cm in just one wrap!  Instant visible results that last up to 30 days.  This is not just a water loss treatment, in fact, the more water the better to cleanse your system of unwanted and energy zapping toxins.

We record your measurements before the treatment and after so you can see the fantastic results.  If you don’t lose a minimum of 15cm we will give you your money back that’s how confident we are.  Our slimming and inch loss body wrap detoxifies the body to make your skin more toned and softer too to give you and your body a radiant glow.

Want more information?  Just call Face & Body Therapies Ulladulla 4454 3521 and we can make you slimmer today!