This is hugely exciting.

We are the only salon and beauty gift shop on the south coast

to offer Afterpay to all our wonderful clients and visitors.


What this means for you …

This means that you can come on in and have a facial, massage or any treatment* in the salon

and pay for it with your Afterpay account.

What else can I buy?

You can have any treatment but you can also have any skin care, nutritional products,

natural and organic body products, soaps, soy candles, soy melts,

body brushes plus lots more in our new huge retail area in fact


This is fantastic news for anyone

that missed out on that facial you

wanted, desperately needed massage

or moisturiser that ran out!


Gifts now are no problem.

You can budget your way to having beautiful

products and giving that special gift.


If you don’t have Afterpay just see if it is for you – your choice.

*The only treatment that is not covered using Afterpay is the Dermapen (I know, sorry)

Just phone the salon 4454 3521 if you would like any more information or to book that facial today!