Hi there, Want to have great skin?

Of course you do.  Great skin makes you feel good and look healthy.

I know, I know there are lots of things that sometimes stop us from having great skin but here are 7 tips for doing your best even when nature seems to be against you.

7 tips for great skin

  1. Always cleanse your skin – remember the first commandment “thou shall not neglect to remove thy makeup before bed, no matter how tired thou feel”
  2. Exfoliation – no your exfoliant doesn’t work when it sits in the bathroom cupboard (sorry) put it out where you can see it.  Try for once a week, that would be great.
  3. Serums – if your skin has a concern (dryness, acne, sensitivity) serums are a fantastic boost for a skin needing a lift.
  4. Moisturise – always use a moisturiser that is for your skin not one recommended by the lady down the road (unless she is a beauty therapist that is)
  5. Sunscreen – everyday!
  6. I know you have heard it before but it’s true – drink lots of water and herbal teas.
  7. Exercise and good food is fantastic for everything – your mind, your body, your soul, AND your skin!

See you in the salon,